Jumat, 04 Desember 2009

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voila! welcome to 1001 projects.

1001 project is only an individual project to see a metamorphosis of a girl, represent by 1001 pics taken 1 pic per day to see the metamorphosis itself. i collect these pictures starting oct 16th 2009. hopefully this project will finish after 2,5 years. wish me luck guys! :P

the idea came when i saw a pic of me 3 years ago and i realize how different i am nowadays by my hair cut, clothes or style.

*i did it to help me stand to my consistency of not being bored bout what i do.
*pschycologicly i hope this will help me to be a better person and focus.

i did it for 2 months and i started to get bored :P
well.but i really have to done this task.